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Permaquip Trolleys


The trust has been given access to three permaquip trolleys for its use on return to the line for the lines restoration and any permanent way work once the line is operational. There is a significant amount of work to be done to the trolleys but we are making slow steady progress.


The trolleys have had a strip down and a check of their break systems and they have been found to be operational. Several components were found to need to be replaced including two wheels and several brake blocks.


We have launched an appeal to raise the funds required to refurbish the trolleys to full working order, with the aim of having the work completed by the AGM of 2020. This appeal is asking for £2,000 to establish a fund for permanent way equipment of which the three trolleys come under.


We ask that the members strongly consider setting up a standing order to support the project, which hopefully is set to be the first of many over the next few years.


This file includes the method for donating and a gift aid form to be completed for those wishing for us to claim Gift Aid on their donations. Please note we cannot claim the gift aid on donations until HMRC have confirmed our registration with them.


The form can be filled in and posted back to us or can be filled in on a computer and emailed back to us.


Appeal Target: £2,000
Pledged to date: £450
% pledged: 22.5%


Donation form