The line is currently a mothballed section beyond the headshunt at Blaenau Ffestiniog and extends as far as Trawsfynydd Halt where there is also a short siding that used to be used for transhippment of nuclear waste.


Currently nature is doing its best to cover the line with vegatation again following efforts to clear the line over the course of 2017 which resulted in access being rescinded by Network Rail due to Health and Safety and licence breaches.


The Trust's plan is to restore the mothballed section of approximately 6.5 miles to fully working order with stations at several locations including in time Blaenau Ffestiniog.


Restoration beyond this defined section is not being considered due to the enormous expense that it is likely to cost due to having to purchase the formation from private landowners not to mention the presence of a privately owned house and farm buildings that have been built on the old formation


CAUTION: The railway while not currently in use is still subject to all Railway Byelaws and Regulations and is under the management & control of Network Rail. There is no public access to any part of the Railway land without the express and written authority of Network Rail.


Network Rail regularly undergo maintenance on the line to assess and check structures as a part of its obligations to maintain the line in a mothballed state so there will be occasions when work is being carried out on the line. This work is the work of Network Rail and its contractors and does not indicate any short term reopening of the line