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The future of the society is bright with a strong membership base who are vocally interested in the line as per the regular comments on the various Facebook groups. Attached to that is a strong level of interest amongst various members in taking on a role with the view of restoring the line to operational status in the near future. All of these individuals are fully aware of the level of work necessary, the long hours and of course the many boots on the ground days that will be necessary to achieve our combined aim of seeing steam and diesel trains once again sounding their whistes and horns on the line.


The bad news is this is not a quick fix project despite the presence of good quality track and sleepers on the formation. There is much to do before we once again get on the ground and start clearing the weeds, vegatation and trees from the line starting with getting formal permission from Network Rail to do so.


There is a lot of work to be done but we are confident that we have the people ready to get involved and meet the challenge of getting that work done.


Current projects:

PW Trolleys