The Bala & Blaenau Ffestiniog Heritage Railway Trust has reopened its membership system to renewals and newcomers. As the railway expands in the years to come it needs even more members and volunteers to help it achieve its aims and objectives.

CAUTION: The railway while not currently in use is still subject to all Railway Byelaws and Regulations and is under the management & control of Network Rail. There is no public access to any part of the Railway land without the express and written authority of Network Rail.

We need YOU to help us achieve our aims and objectives, you can do this by joining the Society which means your subscription helps the railway financially. As a member you also have the opportunity to be a volunteer working member in any of the many departments. Full details will be sent to you when you join (and some are available on this web site.) As we continue to expand our activities, more volunteers are always needed.

How to join:

New member, If you are not already a member then please click on this link and fill in the details. Payment can be made by paypal.

Membership is valid for at least one year from the date of joining, with renewals subsequently due on the anniversary of your joining date as appropriate.

For more information about membership, please e-mail the Membership Secretary.

The Benefits of Membership...

* To actively participate in the preservation of history of the Bala & Ffestiniog Railway
* Contribute to the development and success of the project and make it sustainable for the enjoyment of future generations
* As a member you will receive a newsletter 3 times a year
* Access to a members only Facebook group
* Access to a members only email mailing list
* Up-to-date news from the line by the Trust Facebook group or email, including information not available on the public news pages.

Further memembership benefit proposals will be brought forward by consideration by the membership as the project develops.